• Dogenic god is a god that protects the boundary of the village, gives villagers safety and security to travelers. Yamagata village where "Suisya main store" is located, there are many valuable Dogenic god around the country. There are also countless numbers of characters, including letters only, but again the highlight will be 24 twin Dogenic gods.
    There are famous places such as "Toryo of Oike", "Marugame of Yamaguchi", "Sasayaki of Kobito" etc. Among them, the statue of "Tsutsuizukami Oike" is a very elegant work, its beauty has become known to foreign countries from early on, Shinshu rather than Yamagata village. No wonder I can say it is the leading goddess of Japan.



Ishihiki | 石臼挽き手打ち蕎麦 
Tanemono | 種物蕎麦 
a la carte | 一品料理 
Sake | 地酒 

special menu

Tempura Soba kaiseki | 天ぷら蕎麦会席 
Soba kaiseki | 水舎の蕎麦会席 
Omakase | 5,000円お任せプラン 
Omakase | 店主お任せプラン 


Entertainment, available upon banquet, party, make your reservation at the auspicious occasion memorial service. Private room in addition to the table seat in accordance with the available number of people, there is a banquet room.


Enjoy the handmade buckwheat even at home, we will also provide for the souvenir shop.
When planning your trip, also available courier to deliver in time for your return home.


  • Arabiki-Soba /about four people,600g
  • Hisui-Soba /about four people,600g
  • Hachiwari-Soba /about four people,600g



  • original gift
  • Ishihiki-soba /about six people
  • Ishihiki-soba /about four people



phone: 0263-87-7086

huro: 11:00am~09:00pm

regular closing day:every Monday


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    There is a one-way road to shop around. Customers visit us by car, please also look at the map.